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massacred. an american soldier stands accused. john blackstone is covering the case. new details on what forced david whateus to quit the c.i.a.. will the scandal compromise the war on terror? reports from bob orr and david david. two weeks after sandy, why can't tw they get the lights back on? >> it's mind-boggling. > pelley: mark strassmann investigates. and on this veterans day, michelle miller reports it's not just service members scarred by post-traumatic stress disorder, it's their families, too. >> i was having nightmares about iraq, a place i've never been. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" y cbh scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening an american soldier accused of a elley:ic war crime watched in a courtroom as children described m as crders of their families. of te were two days of testimony e wehe case of staff sergeant
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robert bales. bales is charged with 16 counts ts pre-meditated murder and six ntunts of attempted murder. prosecutors say that for reasons unknown bales walked off his post in afghanistan in the middle of the night then shot and stabbed civilians in two villages. the hearing at a military post in washington state was called to decide whether there is enough evidence to court-martial bales. john blackstone has been hevering in the courtroom. >> reporter: staff sergeant afghs watched the video feed from afghanistan show no reaction as ten afghans told of the night their two villages ctre awakened by gunshots. ildrenf the murder victims were children. the massacre was one of the worst crimes attributed to a u.s. serviceman in decades. a seven-year-old named rabin that told the court her father was shot right through the throat and chest. "the bullet hit me in the leg." 15-year-old rafiullah who was shot in the both legs told the court the same story he told us
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back in his village. "my uncle, my little cousin and my grandmother were killed. i was told to put my hands on kie wall." his father, samiullah, testified by video that he found four bodies, all shot in the head, including his own mother. "i saw her and cried," he said "and i could not look at her face." 39-year-old bales, ameri reed father of two young children, inved four tours of duty in iraq and afghanistan. he was arrested after returning to base early in the morning of march 11, covered in blood. fellow soldiers have testified he'd been drinking. sergeant jason mclaughlin said sales admitted he'd shot up some heople. none of the massacre survivors could identify bales as the gunman. zardana was seven years old when she was shot in the head. wearing a scar that have hid her g ands, she told the court her attacker was wearing a t-shirt and khaki pants. 14-year-old quadratullah hildren,d he begged the gunman
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not to the shoot. we kept saying "we are children, we are children." bales' wife carry was in the courtroom. sband.y she told cbs this morning she didn't believe her husband was capable of the murders. >> we want a fair trial for my husband. and my children deserve to be proud of their father because he sacrificed a lot for his country and has been away from our family too often. >> reporter: final arguments are tomorrow and then a u.s. army colonel will recommend whether to go ahead with a full court- martial which could carry the death penalty. scott, no u.s. service member has been executed since 1961. >> pelley: john, thank you. david petraeus is telling friends and colleagues that there is only one affair and he is devastated that his lead to ers resignation friday as director of central intelligence. there have been a lot of questions about how the f.b.i. bme to uncover that affair through an investigation of e- mails so we asked bob orr in
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washington tonight to piece together everything we know. g w? >> reporter: good evening, scott. the four-month investigation by the f.b.i. was wrapped up just days before the election. in the end, agents did not find any evidence of an intelligence breach. y evead they uncovered the tawdry personal affair that brought down c.i.a. chief david petraeus. it started as a low-level cyber investigation in tampa, florida. jill kelley, a socialite, who's cine fund-raising for the u.s. military, told a friend in the .b.i. that she'd received a series of anonymous harassing e- mails. agents quickly traced those e- mails to a former military intelligence officer paula broadwell, the author of the biography "all in. the education of general david edtraeus." o further investigation turned up numerous e-mails, some of them sexually explicit between broadwell and petraeus. at first blush, investigators wondered if someone breached petraeus's private e-mail. investigators actually stumbled
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priv across an extramarital affair. in officials suspect broadwell sent those e-mails to kelley believing her to be a romantic rival. sources say when petraeus d arned of the messages he asked broadwell to stop sending them. ecame us became friends with kelley when he was in charge of ie u.s. central command in tampa, but the retired four-star general has told friends he was wasr romantically involved with elley. petraeus has, however, admitted his affair with broadwell to the tob.i. and he's told friends that began after he took charge of the c.i.a. in september, 2011. the affair was ongoing when ell,dwell, a married mother of two, was on a media tour promoting her petraeus book. >> yes, he's a very high-energy person and i think he does gain energy from feeling like he's elnsequential and making a difference. fferenorter: petraeus, one of s,erica's most decorated soldiers, has called his nfidelity unacceptable and unfair to his wife holly who he ublicly praised at his military retirement.
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praieedless to say, i'll never be able to adequately express my love and appreciation for all that she has done. but i can at least say here this morning thanks, hol, i love you. (applause) >> reporter: the f.b.i. is now winding down. do one faces charges. members of congressional intelligence committee, though, ghe angry they were not put in the loop during the petraeus investigation. but the f.b.i., scott, says with no national security issues involved such notification was not required. >> pelley: bob, petraeus has been talking to some of his friends and i understand you talked to one of those friends today. >> i did, scott. coe friend that i talked to says he's been in touch with petraeus hn a regular basis since friday. he says petraeus is deeply disappointed in his own behavior. i says his wife holly is furious about the whole thing. petraeus is telling close associates-- and this is a quote-- "i had the best job with the best organization and i threw it all away." then he added "i messed up."
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>> pelley: bob, thanks very much. also, we have tried to contact paula broadwell but she has not returned our calls so far. for most of the past decade, david petraeus seemed indispensable. his military leadership in iraq snd afghanistan made him a natural to become the nation's chief covert warrior. now that he's out-- and so suddenly-- will the c.i.a. be undermined? we asked david martin to look into that. >> reporter: after only 14 months, david petraeus, the supposedly indispensable man, is hsne. without warning, a new man, michael morell, must step hisard from his post as deputy, first to leon panetta then to petraeus, and take over. john mclaughlin knows what that's like. he did it in 2004. >> once you're sitting in the chair, there's no one sitting >> ond you. tere's no safety net. no the acting director for all ractical purposes is the director for that period of time. >> reporter: can morell, an economist by training, head an organization in the middle of a shooting war? he has been in on the war since
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it started. as president bush's daily it briefer, he delivered that famous briefing in august of 2001 "bin laden determined to strike in u.s. " he was with the president on 9/11, relaying reports from c.i.a. headquarters. e is an analyst, not an operator. but then, neither was panetta who, during his term as c.i.a. director, headed the most successful operation of all: the hunt for osama bin laden. morell was part of that operation, assigned to come up with arguments why the intelligence that bin laden was hiding in a pakistani compound could be wrong. like the president before, this president knows morell. >> the c.i.a. works primarily for the president and the acting director's ability to function as a director depends to a large degree on the president's confidence in him or her. >> reporter: morell is the eighth c.i.a. director in the past seven years. aru could almost say c.i.a.
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directors are not indispensable, they're disposable. >> pelley: thank you, david. dispaeus was to testify this week before the senate intelligence committee about the attack on the u.s. consulate in ulate ii, libya. as you know, four americans were killed, including ambassador christopher stevens. cte acting c.i.a. chief, mike morell, will take his place, though petraeus may be called to oppear at a later date. congress returns to washington tomorrow and faces the looming deadline for the so-called fiscal cliff. that's the package of big tax increases and budget cuts that take effect automatically at the end of this year unless congress and the white house can come up with a compromise on the federal budget. bu thcy cordes is at the white house tonight and, nancy, when do the negotiations really start. >> reporter: well, scott, the president will be meeting with democratic and republican e meetinfrom congress here at the white house on friday. but even before then he's going to be working to lock in support for his position from some key constituencies. he's sitting down with labor
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leaders tomorrow and then with leaders from the business community on wednesday and this is a group that hasn't always seen eye to eye with this president. but has shown some support for his position that tax revenue needs to be on the table as part of these talks. this weekend, a few more influential republicans expressed a new openness to that position as well. however, in exchange they want acial security and medicare reforms to be on the table. scott, one top democratic aide told me that senate democrats demoplit on this front. rmme see entitlement reforms as key to a big debt deal while others feel that it's giving away too much, especially right after a big victory. aw >> pelley: nancy, thank you very much. y:u may be wondering how this whole fiscal cliff mess happened wonderi with. well, it's the result of a inowdown between the white house ad the congress. east year, the government needed to borrow to pay its debts, but congress wouldn't authorize it unless the president agreed to big cuts in spending.
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well, the negotiations were a train wreck so faced with arerica defaulting on its debts, congress okay'd the borrowing on one condition: that at the end of this year a trillion dollars would be cut and the bush tax sits would expire. the idea was to make these automatic cuts so painful that the parties would work out a reasonable budget. there are now six weeks to go. this caught our eye today. the international energy agency ecomethat the u.s. will become the world's top oil producer by the end of the decade, enrpassing saudi arabia and ussia. the report says that new technologies like fracking are reaching new reserves of oil in the u.s. the report says the u.s. could stop importing oil by 2035. in the middle east, syria's civil war has now touched virael. for the second straight day, a ahell from syria landed in sraeli territory.
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today an israeli tank destroyed a syrian armored vehicle. latel is just the latest neighbor pulled into the conflict. etrkey has returned fire atedatedly since syrian shells first landed there in october. turkey, lebanon, jordan, and iraq now house more than 400,000 syrian refugees. 00 was 19 months ago that a monest movement rose up to overthrow the dictatorship in oyria, but there is no end in noht. lance armstrong has resigned from the board of his cancer oardity. two weeks after sandy, why are so many people still in the dark? and we'll show you the jewels recovered from the "titanic" when the "cbs evening news" continues.yo t. so why spend even a moment considering any broth but swanson? the broth cooks trust most to make the meal folks spend all year waiting for. in stuffing and more, the secret is swanson.
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if you're still having difficulty breathing, ask your doctor if including advair could help improve your lung function. get your first full prescription free and save on refills at >> pelley: hurricane sandy hit two weeks ago today. the death toll is now 127. more than 90,000 homes and ndsinesses remain without power. new york governor andrew cuomo says he will ask washington for $30 billion in emergency aid. and while new jersey will lift its gas rationing tomorrow, people are getting fed up in brooklyn, new york, and that's ohere mark strassmann is ranight. >> oh, my god, i didn't see anything like this. >> reporter: ann smith returned for the first time today to her ruined brooklyn home. she fled it two weeks ago, wading through knee-deep water.
5:46 pm
when you look around this room, what goes through your mind? >> disaster, complete disaster. i never saw anything like it. >> reporter: much of brooklyn's gerritsen beach neighborhood looks as though sandy hit two days ago. two thirds of the working class homes here were damaged or destroyed. smith's house had six feet of floodwater and, like all her neighbors, still has no power, s, seat. the 76-year-old was stunned by hat fema inspectors are giving her to cover all repairs. $1700. but $1700 isn't even close to what you need. >> no. t. you live here all your life. this is ridiculous. cow could $1700 fix this? >> reporter: in new york and new jersey the scale of the recovery has brought 64,000 utility crews from as far away as california and canada. >> it's probably more damage than i've ever seen. >> reporter: joe mauer, a supervisor with southern lifofornia edison was part of a wave of utility workers flown in by the military to restore wnwer. it many areas, crews have to go r.use to house, inspecting fuse
5:47 pm
goxes and circuit breakers. specdamaged ones have to be replaced or risk an explosion. >> mother nature's a lot stronger than anything we can build. the good thing is we can put it heck up. >> reporter: what's the hardest thing to look at? >> the whole thing. the whole thing. thinof it. >> reporter: smith is one of 050,000 homeowners who have filed a sandy-related insurance dlaim. she had no flood insurance so her carrier is giving her only $5,000. >> i want my home fixed. hwant to be able to live here. i lived here all my life. i don't want to move out. ldon't want go someplace plrange and start all over. >> reporter: local leaders hope 50 licensed inspectors will go through these neighborhoods tomorrow replacing corroded fuse boxes. fema would pick up the tab. but, scott, no one knows when lights and heat will return to this community. >> pelley: mark, thank you. investigators are looking into whether a faulty furnace may ed a caused a deadly explosion in indianapolis saturday night. two people died and 31 homes
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were destroyed. d.e owner of the house where the blast occurred says the furnace rnd just been fixed after breaking down last week. you expect to see water in venice-- but not anything like this. that story's just ahead. 15 succeeded in setting their houses on fire. at christmas, there was a lot of driving over the river and through the woods. and a little bit of skidding on the ice and taking out grandma's garage door. so while you're celebrating, allstate will be standing by. trouble never takes a holiday. neither should your insurance. that's allstate's stand. are you in good hands? ♪ [ female announcer ] if you have rheumatoid arthritis, can you start the day the way you want? can orencia help? [ woman ] i wanted to get up when i was ready, not my joints. [ female announcer ] could your "i want" become "i can"? talk to your doctor.
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5:51 pm
last month, armstrong was banned from cycling and stripped of his riven tour de france titles. he's denied doping, but he said he wanted to spare livestrong any further damage. acrossrain across northern italy has flooded three quarters of venice. st. mark's square looked more like the grand canal as l sidents and tourists trudged through waist-high water. it's one of the worst floods ever in venice. we are getting a look tonight at some jewels not seen in more than a century. they went down with the ititanic" on april 15, 1912 and include this 14 carat gold ribbon brooch with two diamonds. digold and platinum ring with a center sapphire surrounded by diamonds. and this gold stick pin with the head of a fox. most are doing on display for the first time since being recovered in 1987. they were all found in the same person purser's bag, apparently held for safekeeping.
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5:55 pm
at the tomb of the unknowns at arlington national cemetery. the holiday was known to mark the end of world war i, on the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918. its with supposed to be the war to end all -- it was supposed to be the war to end all wars. we want to close by honoring the sacrifices of the men and women and the families who also bear scars of war. here is michelle miller. >> the guy that came back from iraq was not at all the guy that left. >> branon bines husband, her high school sweet heart, was once the man she leaned on when times were tough. that all changes after he returned from two deployments in iraq. caleb was injured in multiple
5:56 pm
ied. >> it changed the personality. >> reporter: since 2007, she has dealt with her husband's night tremors, mood swings and physical injuries that have left him permanently disabled. and she is trying to shield her 6-year-old daughter. she said it has left her with scars of her own. >> i was having nightmares about iraq, i place i have never been. a place i've never -- other than in pictures, i got to where i didn't like crowded places just like my husband. it was all these sorts of things where literally i was almost mirroring his behavior. >> branon's behavior is recognized by the department of veteran's affairs as secondary post-traumatic stress disorder. deborah am der runs the program that provides mental health services to care gives. >> even though they didn't
5:57 pm
experience the initial trauma, they are experiencing the trauma through being exposed to what the veteran has endured. >> already 6,000 care gives have contacted the va for help. >> it is up helping each other. >> she invited us to meet some who she met through the non- profit she started five years ago calledfamilyofavet. this woman cares for her husband who was injured in 2006. >> i had to pull the gun out of his mouth and for two years he has blamed me every day for saving his life. >> this woman's husband suffered a head injury in 2004. >> i struggle because i feel like i'm not doing enough or i'm not doing everything the way i should be doing it. i am a very strong and capability person who is of sound mind, but twice i tried to commit suicide.
5:58 pm
>> through their shared struggles, the women are helping each other cope. >> where do you go from here? >> we keep going. it is all about learning new ways to handle it and figuring out how to stay together as a family. >> for the military families, the road to recovery is taking it one day at a time. michelle miller, cbs news, daphney, alabama. >> and that is the cbs evening news for tonight. for all of us at cbs news, all around the world, good night. good evening. i'm allen martin. >> and i'm dana king. he's a software guru whose name once adorned oakland coliseum. >> but now john mcafee's name is appearing on wanted posters. police are looking for him in connection with a murder. joe vasquez in the newsroom with the strange tale of the software multi-millionaire who
5:59 pm
might be in trouble with the law. >> this is such a bizarre situation. in fact several reporters who have interviewed him in recent days describe him as erattic and eccentric and he's been keeping company with gangsters. now john mcafee is on the run, refusing to talk to police about the murder of his neighbor. >> his name is known worldwide as a pioneer of anti-virus software. >> mcafee software is one of the best known names in security software. >> now he's the subject of an international manhunt. the cops in the nation of belize want to talk to him about the murder of his neighbor, 52-year-old gregory faul, an american citizen. mcafee made his name in the silicon valley and lives nearby when he launched mcafee software. he left the company in 1994 selling out for a reported $100 million. he recently told the new york times he had lost all but

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